Purified water dispenser

Purified water dispenser

Specified equipment for the production of micro filtered water with controlled salinity and quality. These machines are designed for the dispensing of quality water for the community, suitable to be installed in any type of public entities or companies. These dispensers can be positioned in public squares, schools, railway stations, or other places such as canteens, hospitals, etc..

Here there are the main qualitative benefits that are applied to the water:

  • Filtration of impurities;
  • Elimination of bad smells, and organ derivatives;
  • Microfiltration with ultra filtration membranes;
  • Control and correction of dissolved salts;
  • Elimination of micro pollutants;

Therefore, these machines keep unaltered the purity and quality of the water, improving the characteristics of taste and making it even more attractive to citizens.

Purified water dispenser Purified water dispenser Purified water dispenser