Ozone productors

Water depuration plants with Ozone production

Ozone productors

The water treatment plants with the use of ozone are present in different applications:

  • drinking water treatment and for mineral waters disinfection, iron and manganese oxidation, improvement of taste, elimination of pesticides, oxidation of humic, dyes, phenols and cyanides compounds;
  • in gaseus effluents treatment for disinfection, smelly emissions elimination, oxidation of H2S, SO2 and nitrous vapors;
  • in ecological plants, to improve the treated water characteristics before to waste it, to eliminate carcinogenic substances, to eliminate surfactants, for discoloration, to eliminate the smelly emissions coming from the depuration plants , for the specific treatment of gaseous emissions.

The Fildrop designs and realizes turnkey equipment and also helps the customer finding the partners such as Gas suppliers etc.
These facilities are supported by electronic detection and control equipments for both plant safety and management. In addition, residual ozone removal systems in air are realized to protect the environment.

Ozone productors Ozone productors