Special applications

Special applications These systems arise from the need to satisfy the most various customer requirements, following a path that can be summarized in the following activities, necessary to reach those objectives:

  • Study of the historical / analytical concerned liquids;
  • Technology designing considering the cost factors of investment, production, management and finances;
  • Construction of the treatment plant;
  • Optimization of management costs;
  • Customer's staff training;
Where negative factors are found, linked to not satisfactory results or not justified investments or difficult managements for the company organization, we report the alternative and optimal solution for the customer.
Some examples of manufactured plants:
1. Membranes systems for water reuse in industrial processes.
These systems arise from the needs to transform a corporate cost, such as the treatment and / or disposal of polluted water, into a benefit, reusing the same water in other internal production cycles.
In addition, the designing and manufacturingof these complex systems find evidence in favor of the community and public entity and of environmental certifications such as ISO 14000 with negligible financial incentives.
2. River water filtration systems for lifting pumps lubrication
This system arises from the need to treat the water taken from an average quality river, removing particles and floating silt, in order to ensure a degree of filtration to make the water usable as a lubricant / refrigerant for the axis of rotation of a lifting pump.
This solution combines the plant engineering efficiency to the management economy and operating costs.

Special applications Special applications Special applications