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Ricordati, quando commenti l'acque
d'allegar prima la sperienza poi la ragione

[Leonardo da Vinci]

Primary water treatment

Fildrop designs and manufactures filtration of zeolites, activated carbon adsorbers, sand filtration, membrane systems such as ultrafiltration, nanofiltration or reverse osmosis desalination plants for both primary water (rivers, lakes, wells and sea) and for waste water from industrial and ecological processes such as biological treatment plants and chemical and physical
Fildrop designs and manufactures systems for ion exchange resins such as mixed bed demineralization or columns with a separate bed, softeners, arsenic removers and any type of water treatment plants water intended for human consumption.

Waste water treatment

Fildrop designs and manufactures wastewater treatment plants for both civil /municipal discharges and industrial discharges following criteria of maximum reliability and safety.
Fildrop Technical departments will be able to provide a wide range of technological solutions of treatment studied in relation to the characteristics of the waste water: as conventional activated sludge treatment, extended aeration systems with total mineralization or save spacing systems as MBR (Membrane Bioreactor) and MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) or discontinuous system as SBR (Sequencing batch Reactor).
Fildrop also can boast also the realization of installations of groundwater treatment for environmental reclamation both with the technology of flotation with the treatment of physical chemical precipitation.

Process water treatment

Process water means all types of water that become part directly or not directly in the production process, from the creation of immersion baths in the galvanic industry, dilution of reactants in the chemical industry and the realization of preparations as of pharmaceutical and food industries.
Fildrop designs and manufactures process water treatment in which various technologies are combined together according to the degree of purity required, moreover, Fildrop is able to study and develop plant systems for recovery and reuse of process water until arriving to more complex and articulated systems as closed loops zero discharge.